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School News丨FLIS中学毕业季:「敢耀」Dare to Shine!!!

2020 Secondary Graduation


Yesterday, we bid farewell to our kindergarten kids amidst laughter and tears, and today we held the Graduation Ceremony for our 12th graders, also with blessings and joyful applause. To our graduates: congratulations and farewell!


The year 2020 is a very special year in which many lives were changed forever. And for the graduates of FLIS, this year is also a milestone in their lives. Eight high school graduates will spend this meaningful year moving from high school to college, pursuing their own dreams!

At FLIS, we always respect the individuality of our students. The theme for this year's graduation season is "Dare to Shine". How does a shadow become a light? How does a child who once had low self-esteem and shyness become cheerful and confident? It turns out that "to shine your brightest light is to be who you truly are." It is gratifying to see that the children of the FLIS family have been transformed over the years. They have built a solid academic foundation through their tireless learning, and they find confidence and shine in a world they love. The eight graduates have not only enjoyed their youth on the stage of various campus activities, but have also received admission notices from famous universities in Europe, North America, and Australia. FLIS is so proud of them!

典礼上,FLIS总裁邱吉源先生与中学部校长Samuel Rowe先生均为毕业生致辞,动人至深。Cindy作为毕业生代表上台发表毕业感言,艺术部的两位老师亦为大家献上一曲四手联弹。此外,十年级的Jessica同学更为大家表演歌曲Girl in the mirror, 祝愿毕业生在未来的日子里“昂首阔步,万丈光芒”!

During the ceremony, Mr. Jerry Chiu, President of FLIS, and Mr. Samuel Rowe, Secondary Principal, addressed the graduates. Cindy, as the representative of the graduates, gave a speech on stage, and two teachers from the art department performed a song for the audience. In addition, Jessica from Grade 10 performed a song called “Girl in the mirror”. To all the graduates we would like to say, as the song says: "You got that swagger, you got that glow!"

典礼结束,当日午后,为庆祝2020毕业季,FLIS还举办了两场音乐演出。首先登场的James同学曾于去年在校内举办单人音乐演奏会,在今天的演出中,他为观众连续演奏多曲曼妙悠远的古典乐,也慷慨分享了学习古典乐的经验。之后,FLIS演出舞台上的大明星,FLIS Band闪亮登场!自2017年末首次登台,几年来FLIS Band创造了无数精彩舞台,随着主唱Jeffrey同学毕业, FLIS乐队也将进入下一个时代。此次告别演出,乐队全员毫无保留地贡献了一首接一首经典曲目,台下亦欢呼不止。
After the ceremony, FLIS also hosted two music concerts that afternoon to celebrate the 2020 graduation season. James, who had held a solo concert at FLIS last year, came first. In today's performance, he played a variety of classical music and generously shared his experience of learning classical music. Afterwards, the big star of the FLIS stage, the FLIS Band, shone on stage! Since their debut in late 2017, the FLIS Band has created numerous exciting performances over the years, and with the lead singer Jeffrey graduating, it was time for this cast of the band to say goodbye. During this farewell performance, we saw the entire band unreservedly contribute one classic song after another, and the audience cheered feverishly.


Thank you parents for choosing FLIS and giving us the opportunity to accompany your children on their educational journey. We hope that FLIS graduates will continue to have love in their hearts and dare to pursue their dreams every single day after graduating from our school. Go to a bigger stage and let more people see you shine!